Former Eastlake Architect on the Cover of Seattle Magazine

Copies of Seattle Magazine can be found at Bulldog News.

If you’re interested in architecture, land use, and development, Seattle Magazine put out a smorgasbord of articles serving up exactly that. All local ingredients, of course, and it’s delicious!

Rachel Gallaher’s cover story, “Pride in Place: Seattle’s past influences it’s modern-day and future architecture,” features architect George Suyama, who has roots in Eastlake. (He renovated the building that Serafina’s is in and designed and built the courtyard and building behind it for his studio. And much of his inspiration comes from the Gene Zema building that is kitty corner across the street.) But it’s not just about Suyama it’s about NW regional architecture. The two are intertwined.

Recognizing what makes NW architecture unique can help create a more beautiful future, but we’re not there yet as John Jacobsen argues in his essay, “’Blandmarks’ not ‘landmarks’”:

“Beauty aspires beyond mortality and gives meaning to our lives. Beauty stops us all in our tracks. It inspires, uplifts, and excites. The world we surround ourselves with has the power to shape our thoughts and emotions, and when people are pummeled on all sides by ugliness, they are unhappy without even knowing why.

“But beauty is essential. Our city must do better for people.”

And as Seattle Magazine publisher notes, “It is even believed that great architecture “hard codes” a certain quality of life, drives economic prosperity, and creates happiness.”

The March/April magazine provides a vast buffet of cultural articles, but only the publisher’s and editor’s (also a tribute to Suyama) notes are currently online, so you may need to pick up a hard copy. Get your fill before they run out.

Written by The Eastlake Eye

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