Crime Prevention: Deter, Delay, and Detect

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The Eastlake Community Council and the Eastlake Merchants Association hosted a virtual community meeting with the West Precinct earlier this year to discuss property crime and safety in Eastlake. Captain Steve Strand from the West Precinct and Barb Biondo, West Precinct Crime Prevention Coordinator, provided information on proactive ways to prevent crime with a focus on the three Ds: Deter, Delay, and Detect. Here are some of the methods they recommended for preventing theft and vandalism: 


Ensure your building is in good repair. 

Keep sight lines clear – visibility for entrances, alleyways to ensure that you can see pathways and entry points. 

Make sure landscaping does not obscure sightlines.

Lighting – keep pathways, parking areas, and entry points well lit, with automated lights if possible.

The West Precinct offers free property inspection to help provide recommendations on how to better secure your home or business. More information on how to deter burglary crimes is available here: 


The most common points of entry tend to be doors, windows, utility access points and roof vents. 

Utilize security film to fortify glazed windows and doors. (Editor’s note: There are many companies that provide different types of security film – see online.) 

Layered security – locks on all doors that can be used as entry points. For example, doors from the garage to the inside of your home should be just as secure as the front door.  

For businesses – keep valuable items hidden after hours. 


If possible, equip your business or home with a security system that can be heard by neighbors. 

In the unfortunate event that your home or business is victim to a burglary or vandalism crime, it can be reported online ( or by contacting the non-emergency line at: 206 625-5011. When reporting a crime, it is important to provide as much detailed information as possible. 

Helpful links: 

Find It, Fix It mobile app: 

Criminal trespassing information and printable signs for your business:  

Local Crime reports and trends: 

Written by Angela Shier

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