Pete’s comes back better than ever

Eastlake’s beloved Pete’s Supermarket and Wine Shop (58 E. Lynn Street, Seattle 98102) reopens tomorrow Friday, March 27, at 6 a.m.  Just six weeks have passed since closing for the remodel.

It’s a soft opening. 

“Not everything will be complete,” said owner, John Bennett. Still the shelves were looking well stocked. Previous staff members are returning.

“Hopefully everything people loved about Pete’s is still here,” said building owner and developer, Matt Herron. “We’re just taking it to the next level.”

The goal is to enable the average person to do regular shopping at Pete’s and go to a larger grocery on occasion rather than the other way around.

“It’s sort of a a mini-Met (Metropolitan) Market,” added Herron, noting that organic produce and specialty items make up 40 percent of the store now. Wine is still a mainstay, with 2,000 bottles in the central aisle, and featured sale wines near the front.

That center wine aisle also leads directly to the new deli at the back of the store. It’s operated by Josh Cooper of Duo Deli and will offer fresh prepared food items for meals and parties.  

Though it wasn’t up yet, the original cartoon signage will be returning.

Hours will be 6 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., seven days a week. Here’s a quick tour just the day before opening. Finishing touches were still taking place, so pardon the dust:

New owner, John Bennett, oversees the final hours of prep before Pete’s reopening. Cases of bottles of wine that will be discounted are ready at the front of the store.
The new check out features three self check-out registers and one staffed register.
There will be counter seating up front along with space for wine tastings. The counter is custom Douglas Fir, the new flooring, polished concrete.
More produce!
The bread aisle awaits fresh delivery from Essential Baking Company.
It’s all on either side of one aisle, but it’s an even larger selection of wine — 2,000 bottles.
The black chalkboard wall in the new deli is ready for the menu.
There’s a 40-foot selection of beer.
Along with wine and beer specials up front, model sail boats greet you. They belonged to the owner’s father, who lived across the street from Pete’s for over 25 years.

Correction 3/28/2020: The custom counter is made of Douglas Fir not Oak. The photo caption has been corrected.

Written by Judy Smith

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