Power Down! Join us June 11 for a simulated power outage

A few of Eastlake's HUB volunteers from a 2018 emergency disaster simulation.

Imagine… No lights, internet, or phone service — how would a widespread power outage impact you and your household?

Seattle’s emergency preparedness volunteers are preparing for just that and hosting POWER DOWN, a simulated power outage, on Sunday, June 11, from 1:30-4 pm.

Eastlake’s simulation will be in action by the tennis courts at Rogers Playground/Tops Seward K8 School (2516 Eastlake Ave E).

Emergency Communication Hub volunteers and Auxiliary Communication Service (Ham radio operators) across the city will gather to support their communities during this event.

Be a volunteer responder, play the part of a neighbor in need, or take it in from the sidelines. Your turnout matters – the more participants we have, the more we all learn about how neighbors can help neighbors. Contact us — your Eastlake Emergency Communications Hub at for how to get involved or just stop by on June 11.

Imagine… How would we cook without electricity?  Or keep food fresh without refrigeration? How would we reach emergency services – medical, police and fire – without phone service?  How would we learn what’s going on across other parts of the city and beyond?  What about our neighbors with medical devices that need electricity – or refrigeration for their medications?  Imagine all the ways we’d be impacted. It will require us to come together.

Please spread the word!

For information about this event, you can also contact

photo of a hot water heater

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