What Even is a Takeover?

HAYMAKER or G.H. Pasta & Pizza takeover?

As you’re walking down Eastlake Ave E past East Howe St., you’ll notice that there’s a restaurant called G.H. Pasta & Pizza, which is a takeover of the restaurant that used to be there, called Haymaker. You may have wondered:

Hmmm a takeover.
What exactly is a takeover?

I asked David English this question as they were setting up for Saturday evening. He explained that G.H. is the parent company that owns Haymaker, so they control this spot. They have been developing a new restaurant that will launch in just a few weeks in West Seattle. In order to try out various menu options and other characteristics, they decided to temporarily pilot it here in Eastlake. So it’s just a way for G.H. to use one of their existing locations to investigate the performance of other concepts they’re working on.

After the takeover is over, it’s likely that Haymaker will return.

Picture of Haymaker sign with takeover text
HAYMAKER or G.H. Pasta & Pizza takeover?

Written by Nick Touran

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