Your Eastlake HUB is Eastlake Ready!

With a pandemic raging across the country and a comet streaking through the heavens, now might be a good time to double down on your emergency preparedness.

Eastlake is fortunate. We have a group of volunteers (with the guidance and encouragement of the city) who have formed a neighborhood emergency communications HUB. The group of about 11 people has been meeting for over two years and planning what to do should the big one strike – a devastating earthquake that knocks out power, water, and roads – or any other catastrophic disaster.

Rogers Playfield in Eastlake is now the site of the Eastlake Emergency Communications HUB, known as Eastlake Ready! It will be the place to go for information and to seek help or offer assistance to neighbors after a major disaster.

One major accomplishment of the Eastlake Ready! is getting emergency communications supplies in order and ready for launch.

While the City provided a start-up grant in 2017 to purchase a large brown box and supplies, the Eastlake Community Council jumped in to provide grant funding for additional supplies and equipment, including a second canopy, a folding table, hard hats, and orange vests as well as partially funded the second brown box. Volunteer team members also donated supplies and cash to fill out the shopping list.  Everything is now in those big brown containers on Rogers Playfield.

HUB volunteers have also held practice drills at Rogers – complete with waterproof information posters attached to the fence and emergency messaging relays (Eastlake Ready! has at least one HAM radio operator – and could use more).

You can become a HUB volunteer by contacting

While the HUB is an important community resource, it does not stock any supplies such as water or food. Its drumbeat reminder is that individuals must prepare themselves and their family, including pets, for emergencies, which means stocking up on at least a two-week (a month would be better) supply of water, food, and medicines.

Here is a recent eye-catching brochure and links to finding more information about emergency HUBs and other resources:

Seattle Neighborhoods


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