A Good Turnout for Good Turn Park

left to right: Detra Segar, Marilee Fuller, Piper Greenwood, Tom Zachary, Peter Haley (red hat), Dave Moore, Judy Smith Not pictured: Nan McBride and David Taft

It threatened to rain some more, but still nine people showed up and dived in for three hours pulling up ivy and blackberry shoots at the Good Turn Park work party, Sunday, April 2.

“The wet soil makes pulling ivy easier,” noted David Taft, ECC Board Member, adding that he always waits for a good rain before pulling ivy from a hillside near his house. Never again will I try to pull ivy from dry soil.

Of course, you also have to plant something or those invasives will just regroup and take over again.

We didn’t have anything to plant, but we laid down wood chips to smoother the roots. The planting will come later.

Tom Zachary, Good Turn Park designer from the 1980s, was also there. He discussed with Detra Segar, ECC President, and Marilee Fuller, GTP Stewart, recommended plants for the cleared space (Wax Myrtle, Sumac, and Vine Maple).

Besides being a good work out and meeting up with great people, I always learn something at these meets like about the ivy or about the dangers of Japanese Knotweed.

“And it didn’t rain!” added Peter Haley, another ECC board member, as he carried two buckets of wood chips to our freshly weeded plot.

Weeding at Good Turn Park.
Same plot but different view and with finishing wood chips.

Written by Judy Smith

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