Terry Pettus Park Update

View of dock with Queen Anne in the background by Peter Haley

The plans for Terry Pettus Park’s renovations and expansion went through a very public review process in 2020 with a lot of excitement over the chosen redesign and new, largely native plant landscaping. But there has been no visible progress since then.

“There hasn’t been a delay,” writes Toby Ressler, the city’s project manager, in an email. “It just takes a really long time to obtain the permits from all these agencies: Army Corps of Engineers, Dept. of Ecology, HPA (Hydraulic Project Approval) – Washington State Fish and Wildlife, SDOT (Seattle Dept. of Transportation) SIP (Street Improvement Permit), and Substantial Shoreline Permit.”

Plus, he adds, “the project has also grown since we first started. SPU (Seattle Public Utilities) is now involved and we are doing some storm and sewer improvements in the ROW (right of way).”

It is possible that the construction will happen the first quarter of 2024, Ressler notes, “if we can obtain permits in time to meet the in water work window.”

“When the project does start, we will be closing down the entire park, and we may have intermittent street closures to address all the utility improvements in the street. 

“We are committed and funded to fully renovate this park and appreciate everyone’s patience while we work through the permit process,” he added.

photo of old dock at Terry Pettus Park
View of dock at Terry Pettus Park with Space Needle in the background by Peter Haley

Written by The Eastlake Eye

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