About Us

The Eastlake News blog is an offshoot of the Eastlake News newsletter, a publication of the Eastlake Community Council since 1971.

We are all volunteer-run and encourage articles and submissions from anyone who lives or works in Eastlake, or who wants to write about Eastlake.  Articles should have an Eastlake connection.

The blog was launched in June 2020 with the goal of having a rotating team of editors working with writers to post work, moderate comments and follow up on news tips. (Some earlier articles on this site are reposted from another blog, Lake Union Watershed.)

Got a news tip, let us know.

Have an article or story, send it or pitch it to us.

Our email is editors@eastlakenews.org

About the Newsletter

A current pdf version of the newsletter and back issues can be found on the Eastlake Community Council website as well as information on how to advertise in the newsletter.